General Information on Panama

The Republic of Panama is located in the center of the Western Hemisphere under the following coordinates:  7 º 12'07 " and  9 º 38'46 "  north latitude and  77 º 09'24 "  and  83 º 03'07 "  west longitude.  
limits the North with Caribbean Sea, east of the Republic of Colombia, on the south by the Pacific Ocean and west by the Republic of Costa Rica. 

Panama is the link between Central America and South America, constituting an isthmus of 80 km wide at its narrowest section.

Official Name: Republic of Panama.

Capital:  Panama City.

Nationality:  Panamanian.

Area, Population and Density:  75,517 km2. square; 2,839,177, 81 people per square mile.

Distribution by Age (%):   National Population and Housing Census 2010

Distribución por edad de Panamá

Political Division:  9 provinces and 5 indigenous.

Government:  constitutional democracy, centralized republic.

Legal system: based on civil law system, judicial review of legislative acts in the Supreme Court; accepts jurisdiction of international courts, with certain reservations.

Language: The official language is Spanish, but many Panamanians speak English.

Literacy Rate:  90%

Climate:  Panama is tropical and the temperature is usually uniform throughout the year. The average temperature is 27 degrees C.

Religion: There is absolute freedom of worship in Panama. Most Panamanians are Roman Catholics. However, due to the diversity of the country, there are numerous churches, temples and synagogues.

Hours: time in Panama all year equal to the EST U.S. (GMT-5)

Currency:  U.S. dollar Panama's own currencies are equivalent in size and value to the U.S.

Shops:  generally open from 9:00 am. until 6 pm Monday through Saturday. Some open on Sundays.

Tipping:  10% to 15% of the suggested amount.

Drivers License:  visitors can drive up to 90 days with foreign license.

Electricity:  110 volts; 60 cycles.

Clothing:  Light clothing is recommended. The clothing business is formal: a lightweight jacket for men and a suit or pants outfit for women is recommended. A wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses are necessary if you plan to shore.

How to get there:  the best way to get to Panama is through air. Copa Airlines, Continental Airlines, American Airlines and Iberia have several daily flights to the country. Coming driving you can get by the Inter-American Highway that runs through Central America. Coming from the sea, you can disembark at one of our ports.

*Information provided by the Panama Tourism Authority