Contadora Island

Contadora now days has become a must visit when thinking of  Panama tourist destination. Located just 40 kilometers from the city in the historic Old Pearls archipelago,  former lodge favored  by pirates and merchants who exploted the riches of the new world haven,  pearls were obtained in these crystalline waters and began to be sent to Europe,  is why the Contadora island has get its named, as was in the island where pearls were collected and counting  before being sent to Europe .

Currently  Contadora Island is a beautiful natural landscape with sunshine throughout the year where the best of nature blended with beautiful architecture,  houses of rich and famous who have been captivated by the incredible beauty that lives in these beautiful clear water islands of the panamanian Pacific.   The television series Survivor of CBS chain  chose  this place as their base of operations to produce three of  their  seasons, being  Contadora Island the main protagonist.

The island has 11 beaches , 5 of them are the most popular and easy to explore these are  Cacique beach,  Larga beach, las Swedish beach , Executive and  Galeon beach all these beaches have unique characteristics that make them different and special to each other.

Enjoy a beach day  surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Pacific , on Contadora island. Going by ferry from Panama City with a distance of 1 ½ hours.   This day tour  featured in one of the best hotels in Contadora " The Point". 

Includes  roundtip transfers from hotel- port- hotel,  roundtrip ferry  service ,  day pass at the Point Hotel , lunch (appetizer, dish , dessert and a drink) , use of beach chairs and amenities.