Atlantic Coast Tour

A journey to the Panamanian Caribbean , in our way we visit the ruins of the historic town of Portobelo, first commercial port in the Spanish crown land and place of endless stories and legends.
Now days,  their castles , forts, customs, its beautiful bay and the Church of the Black Christ are historical witnesses of those times.  We continue our journey along the Caribbean coast to one of the most beautiful islands in the Panamanian Caribbean , crystal clear waters and white sands beaches .
Then enjoy a beach da day visiting Isla Grande, populated by afro antillian , mestizo and Europeans who have settled here , as residents or business peple opening restaurants, hotels , bars and cafes. 

Runs through the clearest waters , own  this paradise for a day.  Taste the dishes with a unique  colonense flavour,  in this town  you can also  see the lush and beautiful vegetation and diversity of colors typical of the region.

This tour includes roundtrip transportation, Portobelo tax, cooler with drinks and fruits, island tour and lunch