Embera Community at Chagres River

Definitely Chagres River, which is  located an hour and a half from  Panama city , not only hides a great natural wealth, but also a cultural heritage.  Besides being an important tributary that feeds one of the most important lakes for the functioning of the Canal, on its village at least four communities live in the Embera ethnic group.

Tusipono , Parará Purú , Embera Drua and San Juan de Pequení are the most well known . All these communities are within the Chagres National Park and have restricted, since 1984 , a number of activities  of their culture as hunting and planting. Therefore, they  searched through tourism a way to make money and improve their life quality.

In this villaje live about 70 people who migrated from Darien and in one way or another seek to keep alive their customs and traditions that have become part of their livelihood.

Visit the Embera indigenous community in Chagres River where you can appreciate the lifestyle of our Indian ethnic groups , their handmade crafts souvenirs  you can buy and  their traditional dances.   You can also  visit  and enjoy the refreshing waters of the waterfalls.