City Tour & Panama Canal

Panama City, well known for its wide variety of tourist attractions within the city,  a growing banking center, with the best hotel chains and a variety of cooking styles.

 Visit the city of Panama, on a tour passing the Old Town, one of the Spanish cities founded in Panama in the colonial era,  Amador Causeway, the modern city and the most outstanding sites in this beautiful city.   Can not miss on our  tour the Panama Canal Visitor Center at Miraflores, one of the most oustsanding architecture works  in the world  where you can see  the ships transiting to the Canala,  attend a video and walk the museum. The tour includes entrance to the Canal. 

What to do in this city?

  1. A visit to the Old Quarter
  2. Amador Causeway
  3. Old Panama Town
Panama Canal and Miraflores Center
  5. Travel the new city and the coasted belt
  6. Albrook Mall Shopping